Asociația ȘTIM (STEM Education)  

NGO "Asociatia STIM (STEM Education)"


STIM (STEM Education) - President: Adrian STAN
a) Creation, development and promotion of educational framework type STEM (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics - in Romanian: STIM = Stiinta, Tehnologie, Inginerie, Matematica).

b) Awareness and recognition of the need to introduce "STEM Education" in school curricula nationwide, as an optional or extracurricular activities in primary and secondary public and private in Romania.

c) Creating and promoting curricular aids (textbook, notebook student teacher's guide) as background material for the optional course "STIM" in primary and secondary public and private in Romania.

Our purpose is to equip EACH SCHOOL from Romania with a packet of 10 educational robots Micro:bit + dedicated school curriculum!

Why Micro:bit? We quote below part of the article 2017: "The Micro:bit Educational Foundation celebrates the first year!" (↗)

It has been hugely encouraging to know research shows we have been doing a good job. The BBC released statistics (↗) this year showing in its first year the BBC Micro:bit definitely changed attitudes amongst UK students and teachers towards coding and ICT/computing. For last year’s Year 7 students in England and Wales and the equivalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland who used the BBC Micro:bit:

  • 90% agree BBC Micro:bit helped show them anyone can code;
  • 88% agree BBC Micro:bit helped them see coding isn’t as difficult as they thought it was;
  • 45% said they would definitely do ICT/Computer Science as a subject option in the future, up from 36% before they used BBC Micro:bit. This was even more accentuated for girls, increasing from 23% before they used BBC micro:bit to 39% afterwards, a 70% increase.

And, amongst teachers:

  • 75% have or are intending to use the BBC Micro:bit by the end of the summer term;
  • 85% agree it has made ICT/Computer Science more enjoyable for their students;
  • 80% agree it helped students to see coding wasn’t as difficult as they thought it would be;
  • Half of teachers who’ve used the BBC Micro:bit say they now feel more confident as a teacher, particularly those who say they’re not very confident in teaching Computing.

It has been an amazing year and we are looking forward to the next one and taking further steps towards the Foundation’s goal of inspiring more than 100 million children across the globe. We could not have done this on our own and we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has worked with us on this incredible journey and supporting us along the way. This is all your work!